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We put a great deal of time and energy into our weekend programming here at Lake Pointe Church. We are always striving to make our environment the best it can be for you and your family. I know that life is constantly busy and that sometimes we feel like we are being pulled in all different directions. Please know that I’m not just trying to add one more thing to your plate! My job is to serve the 4th and 5th graders here at Lake Pointe as well as the volunteers that help teach them. I find such joy in being able to pour my time and energy into serving the Preteen Ministry.

Lake Pointe offers many different ways to volunteer! This past weekend was promotion and with any new year comes new needs. We still have a few volunteer spots open! If you are interested in serving or finding out more information you can contact me at or by going to

Here are a few areas that would love your help:
Saturday- 7:15 PM Bible Study hour- looking for small group leaders and greeters
Sunday-9:30 AM- Bible Study hour- looking for small group leaders
Sunday- 11:00 AM- Bible Study hour- looking for small group leaders
Wednesday- 7-8 PM- Surge program- looking for adult leaders

If 4th and 5th graders are not your thing, we have spots open in other areas as well :) I know that God has some amazing things in store for our church in 2011-2012!

-Angela Platt (Preteen Associate) 


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