Warehouse 45!

We have some exciting things in store for the Preteen Ministry here at Lake Pointe! Over the past few years we have seen the attendance of our 4th and 5th grade events go up which has been beyond awesome! The only problem was that the rooms that we were in were becoming too small and out of date. As we saw our events getting larger we wanted to give the kids a new area where they can still grow while still accomplishing our goal as a ministry! We are so excited that Pastor Steve and our elders have picked the 4th and 5th grade ministry to be a part of the NEXT campaign to raise money to build us a new area! We have been blown away with how generous our church members have been to help us accomplish our goal and we are excited to say that reconstruction on our new area (called Warehouse 45) starts tomorrow!! Today our Children's Ministry spent the day clearing out our old rooms and praying over the construction and the kids and volunteers that will call the new space home in (we are hoping) 3 short months! 

Here are a few pictures of the rooms we used. Most of the stuff has already been removed from the rooms, but I can't wait to compare these pictures to that of our new Warehouse 45!! 

Here is where the new locations are for the class on the weekends while we are doing the remodel!

Here are a few of our kids this weekend that were marking their territory on the walls that were about to be torn down! Our classes have been learning about self-control so we had the kids write the areas that they lack self-control on the wall. We explained that once we give those things to God, he can "knock down those walls" in our lives! The kids had a blast with it!


Anonymous said...

I was there when we wrote on the walls, and it was really fun. The new room is awesome! I love it.THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO WORKED ON IT AND HELPED WITH IT!!

Anonymous said...

:( You didn't post a pic of me :(. Just kidding. The rooms really awasome. xox room. ha ha.

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